In the space previously occupied by the short-lived La Vines Vietnamese restaurant, a new Chinese restaurant called Ka Ka has recently opened. I never went to La Vines because it looked entirely generic. I’ve had a quick look at the Ka Ka menu and it also looks like standard Chinese fare. The name is a bigger problem. Ka Ka is slang for shit. I assume the owners didn’t know that. It’s very unfortunate because I fear that some people won’t eat there because of the name.

ka I hope the name does not describe the food

The previous cafe, Baker’s, was initially good before beginning a long slow decline. I’ve written before asking why some spaces don’t seem to work, and Baker’s / La Vines / Ka Ka may be one of those difficult spaces. It also fascinates me how a new business does not try to eradicate the signs of previous occupants of the property; as you can see from the photo, the Baker’s sign has outlived La Vines and remains on the wall.

I hope the name does not describe the food

2 thoughts on “I hope the name does not describe the food

  • 12 June 2010 at 10:49 am

    I was introduced to your site today by an old friend. We used to live in Fitzroy but alas have moved further afield. Steve to Detroit and me to the southern suburbs of Melbourne. I have been engrossed and fascinated for the last few hours reading through your missives and responses. I actively work in and run my own liquor business and wish to god that there were more people like you taking an active interest in their local area. A view shared by Steve in the U.S. If your more aggressively negative readers disagree let them write their own page. Otherwise applaud.
    I for one would welcome feedback such as given in your review of local bottleshops.
    For too long Australians in general have had to put up or shut up with shoddy service in many areas customer related.
    I say in agreement with you “Let the Seller, Retailer, Community Group BEWARE.”
    There are some out their among us who will not put up with a load of rot. Take the feedback. Embrace it. Use it to better your service and business. To put if more succinctly. “This information is manna from heaven.”
    It is priceless.

    • 12 June 2010 at 11:07 am

      Thanks Jasus, I appreciate your feedback. Hyperlocal blogging seems to be really popular in the US but it has not become popular in Australia. I’d like that to change!


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