a11 Sydney Road food shopping
Lunch at A1 Bakery

An occasional treat for me is to go to Brunswick on a Saturday to shop at Mediterranean Wholesalers and some of the middle eastern shops further north on Sydney Rd. My favourites are the A1 Bakery (643-645 Sydney Rd), Bahla’s Pastry (761-763 Sydney Rd) and the Phoenician Bakery (774 Sydney Rd).

meatpizza Sydney Road food shopping
Meat pizza and spinach and cheese triangle at A1

One recent Saturday I had lunch at the A1 Bakery, where a delicious meat pizza (finely minced meat with spices and lemon juice), a spinach and cheese triangle (filled with feta and fresh spinach) and a refreshing sour cherry juice cost $8. So good and so cheap! A1 also have an excellent range of groceries to take home.

cherry Sydney Road food shopping

The pictorial menu in the window of A1 is straighforward except for one item: I didn’t see anyone order a whole stuffed sheep.

a12 Sydney Road food shopping

My next stop was Bahla’s to get some wonderful Lebanese pastries, then I crossed the road to Phoenician where I stocked up on tahini, fig jam, morello cherry jam, pink pickled turnip strips (like those served on the dip plate at the Moroccan Soup Bar), pomegranate juice and a delicious spicy paste called acuka made with tomatoes, peppers, walnuts and hazelnuts. Sydney Road is food heaven!

Sydney Road food shopping

One thought on “Sydney Road food shopping

  • 5 December 2008 at 4:20 pm

    The whole stuffed lamb is awsome. We get one every year at easter when the family gets together for lunch. I really do recommend trying it.

    It costs about $250+ but should feed 15-20 big eaters. I think it gets slow cooked for a whole day or something so the rice inside absorbs all the meats flavour and the meat is left beautifully tender and falls off the bone. It’s definately up there with my favourite food. It’s best served with a yoghurt and cucumber salad (it’s like the lebanese version of taziki but not so thick). thickly chopped cucumber (like you would cut for a salad) in natural yoghurt with salt, garlic and heaps of dry mint.


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