I wrote recently about how the website of ITV F1 started releasing web video for a world audience. Now they’re back to blocking some of it for supposed territorial rights issues without explanation. When a show made in country A is not sold in country B, why should the residents of country B not be able to see web content based on it which is supposedly published to the whole world? What are the publishers worried about?

novideo ITV F1 suck again

They have no fucking idea. The online world is a single world audience, and blocking access serves no one. Instead of trying to gain customers they are doing their best to lose them. Now I will get my F1 news from elsewhere. And I will delight in finding their F1 shows on bittorrent and watching them despite their attempts to stop me. Fuck you ITV.

ITV F1 suck again

One thought on “ITV F1 suck again

  • 26 April 2008 at 9:07 pm

    It’s so amusing how the big media companies haven’t got a clue about how the Internet works.I find it staggering none of the record companies foresaw in the mid-90s that maybe one day when people would have ADSL lines instead of 28K modems they can send and recieve music globally in seconds and what it might do to their business models.

    The deal ITV did with FOM was intended for UK viewers only but the first time they tried it the IP geolocation filter was borked and they got over-ran with people watching globally – they’ve tightened it up since which is why you’re seeing the message.

    FOM are pretty bad people anyway , they take down loads of Youtube profiles with videos of old classic races but they don’t make DVDs of them and sell them – which would make them a lot of money.


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