The baked eggs fad from 2007 continues to be strong in the inner north. After months of thinking about it I finally got to Julio in North Fitzroy for breakfast today and chose the baked eggs with chorizo, green (minty) peas and coriander. This was tasty indeed though the peas were a little firm.

My fair companion chose the smoked salmon and baba ghanoush open sandwich, which is a magnificent combination. She also tried one of the amazing Portugese custard tarts. Sadly I was too full to try the doughnuts. Maybe next time, because it was good enough (especially the coffee) to deserve a return visit, even though the service was inconsistent.

jul2 baked eggs are so hot right now

jul3 baked eggs are so hot right now

jul1 baked eggs are so hot right now

baked eggs are so hot right now

One thought on “baked eggs are so hot right now

  • 19 May 2009 at 10:08 am

    I have to agree that the food at Julio is excellent. It’s worth the usually long wait. Sevice (whilst with a smile) is pretty lax.


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