Babka has a reputation for baking wonderful things and charging top price for them. I went to buy bread the other day and was of course tempted to buy something else… this time the veal, pork and rosemary sausage roll. It was generously sized, as it should be for $6.40. Yes, possibly the world’s most expensive sausage roll. And not the best. The pastry was delicious and the meat tasty and well flavoured with rosemary, but the meat felt more boiled than baked. The chutney was excellent. Next time, I will be disciplined and leave with only the wholemeal and sunflower loaf…

sr the world's most expensive sausage roll

the world’s most expensive sausage roll

One thought on “the world’s most expensive sausage roll

  • 12 October 2007 at 8:43 am

    Yeah – stick with bread, brekkie (I know that’s contentious…) and shoo-fly buns is my motto.


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