Yesterday I went to North Fitzroy for a walk in the spring sunshine. I thought of having a coffee at Dench on Scotchmer St. As a trendy bakery cafe, Dench can be extremely busy and so it was yesterday. However, I was pleased to find they had a new friend move in next door – another cafe called North Island.

ni1 North Island

North Island was not empty but not crowded or full, so I went inside and ordered my usual long macchiato. It was strong, not too milky, not burned and made with quality coffee. Not the best ever, but very good and worth returning for. I’d already had breakfast so I’ll have to return to review some of the enticing dishes on the menu.

ni2 North Island

The interior is simple and elegantly minimal with use of marine style ply throughout, including back into the rear courtyard, which was delightfully cosy and warm.

ni3 North Island

North Island is recommended and I hope my food blogging colleagues Vicious Ange and The Breakfast Blog visit soon!

North Island

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