The concept of lifestyle is widely referred to in the media, often I think without much thought or effect. ‘Lifestyle furniture’ for example: what does that mean exactly? Do we use furniture outside of life? Several years ago I joked about marketing ‘diet water‘ and recently I have found out that such a product exists. These words have no meaning.

To me, lifestyle refers to relaxation, self indulgence and hedonism: all very fine things. While enjoying my weekend in Sydney recently I indulged in a comfortable and decadent lifestyle that was both distracting and refreshing. Staying at the Medusa Hotel in Darlinghurst is a delight. On a balmy afternoon after walking around until I was tired the thing to do was to lounge about in the sunny courtyard writing emails to friends.

courtyard lifestyle

For breakfast the next day the place to go is Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Point – possibly the best breakfast and coffee I’ve ever had. This is the scrambled eggs with spinch and deep fried zucchini flowers with a side of bacon. Can’t talk, eating…

eggszucc lifestyle


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