There’s a lot of stencil art faces on the streets at the moment. Are these portraits of real people? What do they signify? To me, these faces are a signature and a reminder that the city is full of anonymous people that we will never know.

These images are infinitely superior to tags, which I think have no artistic value and are simply vandalism, not least because their creators place them anywhere regardless of the suitability of the location.

In contrast, many stencil artists to not attack every wall and limit their placement to walls that seem to be widely used as canvases. They do not target newly painted walls that are bare.

face1 look at moi

face2a look at moi

face3 look at moi

face4 look at moi

look at moi

One thought on “look at moi

  • 7 August 2007 at 8:21 pm

    “They do not target newly painted walls that are bare”

    Reckon this is more pragmatic than virtuous. A wall that’s already in use offers a lower likelihood of being caught while putting the stencil up, a higher likelihood of the stencil staying up for some time after it’s been done, and a guaranteed appreciative audience.

    Apologists for tags say that they provide valuable (survival skills) training for future street artists, and that tags-not-being-buffed is a promising sign that the wall is in a good location to support more labour intensive work.

    That said, tag aesthetics aint at the top of my favourite things list.


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