Update 22 January 2009: Najla featured on last night’s episode of Food Safari on SBS.

On Saturday night after another film at the Westgarth in the Spanish Film Festival I took my friends to Cafe Najla, a Syrian restaurant on High St. The food is incredible. We were lucky to get a table vacated by a cancelled booking; otherwise it would be impossible to get in on a Saturday night.

entre Najla Cafe

Above is the mezze vegetarian entree, which was plenty for three to share. I then had the lamb kebab on the most delicious rice. We shared a bottle of Sticks Pinot Noir, which was reasonably priced and the perfect match to the delicious food. The room was full and it took some time for our food to arrive, but the staff were aware of this and were very helpful. Najla gets my recommendation.

kebab Najla Cafe

Najla Cafe

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