lotus2 the Lotus position

Lotus is a bar and restaurant on Challis Ave in Potts Point. Compared to Melbourne, the liquor licencing laws in Sydney are archaic. in Melbourne, I can walk into any cafe and have drink without dinner if I choose. In Sydney, very few restaurants are also bars that can serve drink without food. Fortunately, I discovered that hidden in the back of Lotus the restaurant is the slinky and fabulous Lotus bar. The interior is dark, seductuve and cosy.

lotus1 the Lotus position

I could not resist the Bohemia – a cocktail containing absinthe, lemon juice, sugar and champagne. In the drink floats a star anise that has been soaked in more absinthe and burned in a spoon until the alcohol has been consumed and the aniseed flavour of the spice has been released.

staranise the Lotus position

the Lotus position

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