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On Thursday night I went to another exhibition opening at Helen Gory Galerie in Prahran. The artist this time is Glenys Hodgeman, and the show is ‘Gift Wrapped’. The works are outlines of embracing lovers in various sexual positions made with gift wrapping ribbon sticky-taped to the walls.

ribbon2 gift wrapping

The works are very evocative despite being quite simply drawn – the way the ribbon hangs away from the wall creates shadows and depth that adds to the visual appeal of this form of line drawing.

ribbon3 gift wrapping

gift wrapping

One thought on “gift wrapping

  • 10 February 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Hi Brian!

    I just discovered your blog (well, I found it a couple of days ago) and it’s been great to see what you’ve been up to! I have been horribly remiss in my emailing duties (I am crap) but seriously, I’ve been thinking of you, and miss our chats. (Yes, I could have emailed you instead of leaving a comment on your blog, but thought this would be funnier.)

    The embracing couples in your pictures – they look awfully reminiscent of the drawings in Alex Comfort’s original Joy of Sex book. Are they copied from it? It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the book, but I could have sworn that the couples in photos two and three are pretty much exact copies. If so, I like it even more.

    Anyway, chat with you soon, Muchacho,

    x Carlie

    p.s. London is dumb. But marriage is swell.


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