Once a month I catch up with a diverse group of friends at the London Tavern on Lennox St in Richmond. Pub night is something we all look forward to; keeping in touch can be difficult when everyone is busy, so a schedule is helpful. Some schedules take the spontaneous pleasure out of life, but not this one.

sandwich pub night at the London Tavern on Lennox St

The pub night convenor thinks the best thing on the menu is the steak sandwich, which is served with a generous side of chips. The steak sandwich contains steak, bacon, cheese, onions and lettuce. It is one of many delicious items on the menu, and I recommend dropping in when neither football nor cricket are being played at the MCG nearby, because the pub will be crowded. On a Wednesday night, it is quite busy but you can always get a table.

pub night at the London Tavern on Lennox St

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