I love SBS. I thank them for playing the 2004 Greek film Hardcore on Friday night, which I first saw at the 2005 Greek FIlm Festival in Melbourne. It’s about two teenage prostitutes, their life on the streets and their dangerous aquaintances. They’re definitely trouble.

hardcore this is hardcore

The film brings to mind the lyrics of Pulp composer Jarvis Cocker – particularly his lyrics to the title song of their 1998 album This is Hardcore:

You are hardcore, you make me hard.
You name the drama and I’ll play the part.
It seems I saw you in some teenage wet dream.
I like your get up if you know what I mean.
I want it bad. I want it now.
Oh can’t you see I’m ready now.
I’ve seen all the pictures,
I’ve studied them forever.
I wanna make a movie so let’s star in it
Don’t make a move ’til I say, “Action.”
Oh, here comes the Hardcore life.
Put your money where your mouth is tonight.
Leave your make-up on & I’ll leave on the light.

this is hardcore

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