tarnished burlesque

The La La Parlour show Tarnished at the Spielgeltent is fabulous! Go and see it.


One thought on “burlesque

  • 17 November 2006 at 7:05 pm

    I went. My dour friend said it was amateurish. Well, it was in parts. But imagine conceiving of that show. I found myself thinking: I’m going to learn how to twirl myself high in the air on a pair of curtains. There is no doubt La Clique is the superior show. But these gals are indigenes. I had a front row seat. No one wanted it. When the tall one with the tats cracked her whip, damn did it fly close by my eye. The bit I just didn’t buy was the Marie Antoinette sketch. That was just too silly. I liked the Grecian amazon with tatts, and the blond one with perfect


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