On Sunday I went to the Nova cinema in Carlton to watch United 93, which is soon to close. I am an avid film goer, and see at least one a week. However, as films have shorter and shorter screen lives, I sometimes have to travel far and wide to see a film before it disappears.

I have been to a lot of the cinemas in Melbourne and I can say that the Nova is possibly the worst. Their projection is appalling, and I suspect they only have one projectionist on to service all 8 cinemas, all the while he/she is busy shooting up and falling asleep on the floor. Previous efforts have included leaving the lights on during the film, turning the sound way down and projecting the film at an odd angle, not evenly horizontal.

This time, the film was well out of focus. Not for the first time. I was tempted to walk out and ask for it to be fixed, but when I have done that previously at the Nova I have missed the start of the film. This time, I sat still, and expected it to be quickly fixed. It wasn’t. After the film finished, I went to the candy bar, asked politely for the manager, and was pointed to the woman at the gate checking tickets. I explained the situation and asked for my money back; after all, I did not get what I paid for, namely to see the film in reasonable circumstances.

I was told that I should have come out to tell them it was out of focus. I replied that it is not the role of the patron to have to ask for the film to be in focus. I was told that I could have a voucher to use on my next visit. I responded that I would make no further visits. The woman made no attempt to refute or deny the issue of the film being out of focus. Because I sat through the whole film, I was not eligible for a refund. Because I consumed 90 minutes worth of rubbish, rather than five, I deserved LESS compensation rather than MORE.

I got no refund and no satisfaction. The Nova staff were indifferent and incompetent. I’m a contientious proactive consumer. If I am badly treated I have a long memory and a great willingess to share my experiences.

say NO to the Nova

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