Last night, at the Placebo gig at Festival Hall, a number of people were smoking inside the venue, although it was clearly signed inside and out as No Smoking. During the show, a woman next to me lit up. I leant over and told her I would not accept inhaling her poison, and I knocked her cigarette out of her hand. She was extremely shocked. The man next to her, her friend, was already smoking, and I moved over further to reach him and told him to put it out or I would put it out for him. He dropped his cigarette immediately.

I have had enough of being forced against my will to consume other people’s poison. How would they like it if I went around forcing them to consume something against their will? I’m sick of their selfish indifference to the suffering of others. Now, however, the law is slowing coming to recognise the right to breathe clean air. At designated smoke free spaces, I am committed to demanding that smokers comply with the law and the rules.

I also expect venue managers to enforce the rules. I would be willing to sue for compensation if I am exposed to smoke in a smoke-free venue. I purchased a ticket to an event that was advertised as smoke free, and I was not given what I paid for. This is not only a breach of contract but it is also possibly a breach of the Trade Practices Act in terms of misleading conduct. All smokers and their apologists are on notice: I am a militant anti-smoker and I will enforce my rights with extreme prejudice.

I refuse to consume your poison

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